Thursday, May 24, 2007

The Bush Press Confrerence

Key Things;

-If you don't listen to him, your kids will die.
-More Americans will be killed in Iraq, get used to it
-Sanctions against Iran will work, just look at how successfull they were in Iraq. (funny thing was, they were, unless you were Iraqi)
-Democrats just want to kick me around because everyone hates me. They bullying me.
-I don't know anything about this guy I'm talking about, except that he was born in Mexico, but he's great.

I'm still waiting for the one line that will restore my respect in this President...this one;

"I've screwed this war up so bad, I'm sorry, but I bungled it so bad, that we're stuck there in Iraq for a good long time."

That's all I want to hear from him

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