Friday, May 25, 2007

KY-Gov: Beshear Heading For Lanslide

Could be.

Survey USA Poll:

Beshear (D)- 62%
Fletcher (R)- 34%

This is a bad place for Fletcher to be. He also has the disadvantage for being a Republican right now. Bluegrass Report has some interesting facts from the poll;

Among Females: Beshear 69, Fletcher 27
Among Independents: Beshear 52, Fletcher 41
Among Republicans: Fletcher 60, Beshear 36
Among Democrats: Beshear 86, Fletcher 12
Among Northup Republicans: Beshear 51, Fletcher 36
Among Harper Republicans: Fletcher 51, Beshear 49
Among Fletcher Republicans: Fletcher 80, Beshear 20
Among Beshear Democrats: Beshear 98, Fletcher 2

Beshear gets more than 1/3 of Kentucky Republicans, who, despite being powerful in the state, aren't a vast majority. He even gets 20% of Republicans who voted for Fletcher. I'd like to know what that's about.

Anyway, it doesn't look good for Fletcher. At least Blanco had enough sense to get out of the race in Louisiana.

Looks like the Democrats will balance out this year. Lose Louisiana, gain Kentucky with Mississippi staying the same (GOP.)

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