Monday, May 21, 2007

Proirity Presidents

Sen. Sam Brownback (R-Kansas) and former Gov. Mike Huckabee (R-Arkansas) headed to Florida to remind voters what the real priorities in America should be...

Finding a way out of Iraq? Nope.
Rebuilding our alliances around the world? Nah
Effectively fighting terrorism? NOT
Putting together an energy policy the weens us off oil and onto cheaper, more environmentally friendly forms of energy? Yeah sure
Education? Poverty? Restoring the middle class? Not in our lifetime.

Nope, what's really important is banning gay marriage (and for that matter all gay rights,) banning abortion and turning America into a Christian Theocracy.

Yep, who needs allies, cheaper cleaner energy, or a middle class anyway, so long as we don't have gays or unwed mothers, and everyone's going to church, we're fine.

This is my beef with the GOP.

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