Friday, June 15, 2007

The Immigration Revolt

Immigration is back and the right is NOT happy

Conservative blogs are doing what no one ever thought they'd do, they attacked the President harshly;

says Erick Erickson of;

"Of all the issues the president has picked to make his hill to die on, he has picked the one that has divided his base, I am shocked by the anger and outrage out there ... You've got war against the president within the Republican party."

Michelle Malkin called it a "betrayal."
Hugh Hewitt calls the bill a "fiasco" and blatantly told the President the bill is "a disaster."

if the President looses his base on this, he may very well become an official lame duck. However, I find it unlikely his base will completely abandon him, with the war on terror and social issues for example.

The President may not actually listen to his base this time. On his way out with nothing to loose, Bush may use up the rest of his political capital to leave something of a legacy. Iraq is a disaster, so is his energy policy. Even his "war on terror" isn't going so well considering what just happened in Gaza. Immigration reform, despite being unpopular with his base, is something that may work, if enforced correctly, and could be the only good thing he leaves behind when he heads back to Texas in 19 months.

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