Monday, June 11, 2007

Justice Is Done

Paris Hilton is back in jail

Genarlow Wilson is free.

The Wilson case is a major black eye for our laws in this country. It's just, as teenagers would say, plain retarded.

Here, we have a man who may have done something stupid in getting head from a 15 year old girl, but 10 years in prison for it? And he has to be labeled a sexual deviant for the rest of his life? C'mon, but that same token, half the men in this country would be labeled a sexual deviant.

What's even more appalling is that Wilson would've received a lesser sentence if he actually HAD intercourse with the girl.

This is absolutely stupid, idiotic and lame. He needs to be set free, he has served his time and received more than enough of a punishment

UPDATE: Georgia's Attorney General Thurbert Baker, an African-American Democrat btw, will appeal the case keeping Wilson in jail for a bit longer.


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