Friday, June 15, 2007

Massachusetts Marriage Rights Staying Put

The Massachusetts State Legislature put a stop to a proposed referendum for a amendment to the state constitution to ban gay marriage.

By a 151-45 vote, the two houses of the state legislature, together for a constitutional convention, defeated a proposed amendment that needed 50 votes to pass. The amendment had previously gotten 60 votes in the last session. The representatives who changed their votes include 2 State Senators, both Democrats, and seven state Representatives; five Democrats and two Republicans.

A yea vote wouldn't have made any difference, the amendment would've failed anyway if put before the people. Three and a half years into legalized gay marriage in Massachusetts, there's enough support statewide to keep it legal in a referendum, granted it wouldn't be that large of a victory and it would help the Republican candidate for President next year should it be on the ballot.

Among those running for the GOP nomination for President...former Governor Mitt Romney, who came up with the idea of this constitutional amendment.

Coincidence? Decide for yourself.

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