Tuesday, June 5, 2007

McCain Is Back

John McCain blew everyone else out of the water. I disagree with him on most of what he says, I won't vote for him, but he stood his ground when attacked and kept to his positions, even if it (and it will) costs him the Presidency.

McCain's one laughable moment was on Don't Ask, Don't Tell . He said the policy was working, but obviously it's not. We are short on linguists and it is mostly because of the policy. That's the reason it even came up. McCain has an issue; he thinks policies are working when clearly they are not. This is why I wouldn't vote for him.

I want to quote Rudy Giuliani for a moment, because I thought what he said here was fantastically idiotic;

The problem with this immigration plan is it has no real unifying purpose. It's a
typical Washington mess. It's everybody compromises -- four or five compromises.

Giuliani has conveniently forgot that politics is about compromises. Do we really want a President who will not compromise? More and More Giuliani, despite being a social liberal, is becoming the Bush neocon candidate.

Giuliani also completely turned me off when he called Libby's sentence "excessive." Here's a man who supports torture, warantless wiretapping, and the suspension of habeus corpus, and he thinks serving 30 months for three counts of perjury and obstruction of justice is excessive?!

Romney remains a flip-flopper. Is there something about Massachusetts?

The rest of the yutz parade still does not stand out to me.

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