Wednesday, June 13, 2007

A New York Surprise

The last Conservative Republican to represent New York in the US Senate has made a surprise endorsement for President.

Former Senator Alfonse D'Amato (R-New York) is NOT endorsing Rudy Giuliani, but rather former Tennessee Senator Fred Thompson. In a statement, D'Amato says;

"Voters are tired of the rhetoric and are thirsting for leadership, Fred Thompson is the kind of candidate our party can unify behind and support wholeheartedly."

Many longtime watchers of New York politics know the former Senator and the former Mayor have never been fans of each other. D'Amato represented New York in the US Senate from 1981-1999, overlapping Giuliani's term as mayor of the state's largest city for six years from 1993-1999.

Still, it's never good when you can't get the endorsement of the only major member of your own party in your home state.

I assume Pataki will endorse Giuliani, otherwise, stick a fork in him.

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