Thursday, June 21, 2007

NH Sen: Shaheen to Run?

Former New Hampshire Governor Jeanne Shaheen has previously stated she would not seek the Democratic nomination for US Senate against Republican incumbent John Sununu, who narrowly defeated her in 2002...has she gone back on her word?

Word is she's set to decide in September on whether or not she'll join the race. Recent polls show her with a comfortable lead over Sununu in a general election.

Currently, Mayor Steve Marchand of Portsmouth, and Katrina Swett, wife of former New Hampshire Congressman Dick Swett and daughter of California Congressman Tom Lantos are in the race for the Democratic nod. Marchand stated he would drop out in favor of Shaheen should she run.

If Shaheen does run, New Hampshire jumps to the top of the pickup list. Sununu will become the Santorum of 2008.

New Hampshire, along with Colorado's open seat, Maine, Minnesota and possibly Oregon, Nebraska (former Senator Bob Kerrey may run for the seat should Hagel decide not to run again), and Virginia (What if John Warner retires?) may make it nearly impossible for Republicans to win back the Senate majority they so narrowly lost last year.

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