Tuesday, July 17, 2007

All Night Session...Joe Lieberman (I-Connecticut)

Senator Joseph Lieberman (I-Connecticut)

Lieberman will never break.

He hopes the cots will "wake up Senators and Americans?"

"Mandated Defeat"...new tag phrase

Joe, let's back up, was Al-Qaeda there before? No. The fact they even exist in Iraq is a defeat for us.

He's seatbelted down on this Iran bandwagon...it's scary. Most Republicans aren't even this hawkish with Iran.

How many Senators tonight are going to try to drive their point by quoting some soldier who is either supportive or unsupportive of the war? My guess is all of them.

Until "early next year." We don't have the stomach to wait.

Does this guy really think generals are going to call for a withdrawal?

"Are you staying?" "How can we help?" Really? I'm sure that minority of Iraqis exist and are quickly being murdered or sent to Canada or Michigan for asylum.

I'm so damn pissed this guy won reelection...he serves as a propaganda tool for the warhawks. He should be recalled.

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