Tuesday, July 17, 2007

All Night Session...Susan Collins (R-Maine)

Senator Susan Collins (R-Maine)

Collins is up for reelection next year in a blue state against Congressman, Tom Allen (D-Maine).

Collins is up in the air on Iraq.

Collins' first shot is at the President...she could very well be the fourth Republican to fall tonight.

Collins/Nelson has a better chance of passing than Levin/Reed, but neither look probable to be passed.

She called it a Civil War

"too much emphasis on military actions at the expense of diplomacy."
Sure, this trigger happy administration doesn't know diplomacy, but they know blowing stuff up.

Collins attacks the Democrats and Bush...she's going the Independent way...this can be good for her in Independent Maine. Unless she votes for cloture though, Allen can hit her hard with the failure to reach cloture.

She seems to be assuming that her amendement can get 60 votes too...it won't.

Collins' idea is also a good option...a viable option. It may very well save her politically...so long as another conservative Republican doesn't decide to jump on her in a primary.

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