Saturday, July 21, 2007

As Popular As A Colonoscopy

On the day the President made perhaps the best decision he's made in a while, to get his heath checked and get a colonoscopy, we find out that in New Jersey, he's about as popular as one.

This from Strategic Vision of all people, and they tend to overstate Republican support.

Bush at 18% in a state where he won 46% two and a half years ago. Bush's one bright side is that 47% of state voters still approve of the job he's doing on the War on Terrorism.

Congress is at 16% and only 20% approve of the President's handling of the war in Iraq. 59% want out in the next six months.

I didn't even think I'd find these polls in New York...If this is how things are in Jersey, I wonder how it is east of the Hudson?

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