Wednesday, July 11, 2007

What Seperates Clinton and Vitter?

Read into what Larry Flynt says;

"I very seldom get a chance to get a big one, and sometimes I have to go bottom feeding. We have a criteria, and that is if someone is living a life contrary to the way they are advocating -- their personal life -- than they become fair game."

Clinton never went front and center, arguing that moral issues were the main issues, that traditional marriage is sacred and government should protect it. Clinton was a sinner, admitted he was a sinner (after a period of time) and didn't waste his time preaching morality.

Vitter did. He advocated protecting "traditional marriage" all the while he wasn't practicing what he preached.

Clinton was immoral and that was bad enough, but Vitter is not only immoral...he's a hypocrite.

If Clinton should've resign for his sins, then Vitter should as well. (Let the record show I don't think either one committed anything henious enough to resign, but I'm calling on Vitter to practice what he preached.)

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