Thursday, August 16, 2007

2004's Almost Senators Go For Obama

A string of loosing Democratic candidates for US Senate in 2004 seem to be leaning toward Obama.

Jimmy Carter built his campaign in 1976 with using a network of Democrats who were defeated for Congressional races in 1974, including Betty Roberts of Oregon, who after loosing to incumbent Republican Bob Packwood became Carter's Oregon chairperson. Carter also gained support from narrowly defeated Democrats like William Roy of Kansas, William Guy of North Dakota and Ed Edmonson of Oklahoma, all very narrowly lost Senate races in 1974. Roy lost to Bob Dole, who later became Carter's opponent's running mate.

This year, Barack Obama seems to be getting the support of those who did not win a Senate victory in 2004 like he did. Inez Tenenbaum of South Carolina, who lost the 2004 Senate race to Republican Jim DeMint endorsed Obama back in April and presided over the opening of Obama's South Carolina campaign headquaters. Also endorsing Obama, Brad Carson of Oklahoma, who lost a heartbreaking race to Republican Tom Coburn despite being close, and occasionally ahead in polls. Carson has become a major fundraiser for Obama.

Obama's biggest endorsement among the 2004 defeated is former Democratic Senate Floor Leader Tom Daschle, who was narrowly defeated for reelection in 2004, the only Senator to be defeated.

Still no word on whether or not Obama can expect the support of the other Almost Democratic Senators from 2004, like Betty Castor of Florida, Chris John of Louisiana, Tony Knowles of Alaska, Don Mongiardo of Kentucky (who is currently campaigning to be Lieutenant Governor in November) and Erskine Bowles of North Carolina, although expect the former Clinton Chief-of-Staff to endorse his ex-boss' wife.

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