Friday, August 3, 2007

GOP: Democrats Are Mean To Me!

I love listening to the Republican minority whining they are being abused by the majority. I love it, I find it hysterical.

Last night's battle over the motion to recommit the Agriculture Appropriations bill reminded me of a few fun voting irregularities during the GOP majority.

Take, for instance, a bill last year giving tax cuts to oil companies while gas prices were skyrocketing. Mike Simpson (R-Idaho) presided over the vote, which was supposed to last five minutes, but ended up lasting 44 minutes so enough Republicans could be persuaded to change their votes and the bill passed 212-210.

And who could forget CAFTA in July, 2005? When they were loosing, Republicans kept the vote open 15 minutes longer so CAFTA would pass by one vote 217-215.

Or the 2003 Medicare vote which stayed open three hours until GOP leaders could twist enough arms to get it to pass?

In my opinion, Republicans are getting a taste of their own medicine, so deal with it. Let mind remind you what you guys reminded us over and over don't like it? Start winning elections.

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