Saturday, August 4, 2007

House Goes Green

The House stayed in session one more day today and passed their own energy policy that reallocates $16 billion from oil companies to renewable energy.

The President is threatening the veto.

11 Democrats opposed the bill, notice from where;

John Barrow (D-Georgia)
Dan Boren (D-Oklahoma)
Henry Cuellar (D-Texas)
Chet Edwards (D-Texas)
Charlie Gonzalez (D-Texas)
Gene Green (D-Texas)
Nick Lampson (D-Texas)
Jim Matheson (D-Utah)
Charlie Melacon (D-Louisiana)
Solomon Ortiz (D-Texas)
Ciro Rodriguez (D-Texas)

9 Republicans supported it;

Mike Castle (R-Delaware)
Mike Ferguson (R-New Jersey)
Wayne Gilchrest (R-Maryland)
Mark Kirk (R-Illinois)
Frank LoBiondo (R-New Jersey)
Jim Ramstad (R-Minnesota)
Dave Reichert (R-Washington)
Chris Shays (R-Connecticut)
Chris Smith (R-New Jersey)

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