Friday, August 10, 2007

LA-Sen: Republican Fail Again

The GOP has failed yet again to put up a strong challenger to the most vulnerable Democrat in the US Senate, Mary Landrieu (D-Louisiana)

Louisiana State Treasurer John Kennedy, a Democrat bein recruited by the Republicans to switch parties, will not run next year, but will run again for State a Democrat.

The GOP has failed to convince all of the state's Republican House members to run (Bobby Jindal is already running for Governor.)

Also not running; Republican Secretary of State Jay Dardenne, 2002 candidate Suzanne Haik Terrell and 1996 candidate Woody Jenkins. The GOP's only hope, other than Kennedy changing his mind, may be for Jindal to loose the Governor's race this year and run for Senate instead. Polls show Landrieu would virtually have no change against Jindal.

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