Wednesday, September 19, 2007

2007 Governors Races Rankings

There are only three, but they're good ones;

Kentucky: Incumbent Republican Ernie Fletcher looks like he's in big trouble against Democratic former Lt. Governor Steve Beshear, who has led by double digits since he won the primary back in May. Lean Democratic

Louisiana: An open seat is the best hope for the Democrats, and even thought it's open, Rep. Bobby Jindal of Metarie is way ahead, but don't count Chalmette State Rep. Walter Boasso out just yet. If it goes to a runoff, Boasso has a shot. Not a very good one though. Lean Republican

Mississippi: Haley Barbour is too popular here, he should be on the Republican VP shortlist or even the 2012 Presidential candidate shortlist should they loose next year. The only Democrat running is John Arthur Eaves, Jr, a pro-life, anti-gay marriage Democrat who has declared; “I am a Democrat because I am a Christian.” It may play well in conservative Mississippi, but conservatives down there have no issue with Barbour. Solid Republican

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