Saturday, September 15, 2007

ID-Sen: Republicans Probably Will Hang On

Survey USA has LoRocco behind almost everyone;

Jim Risch (R)- 52%
LoRocco (D)- 36%

Mike Simpson (R)- 54%
LoRocco (D)- 34%

Dirk Kempthorne (R)- 55%
LoRocco (D)- 36%

David Leroy (R)- 42%
LoRocco- (D)- 39%

David Watkins (R)- 40%
LoRocco- 41%

Lawrence Wasden (R)- 46%
LoRocco- 36%

Only because it's shaping up to be a Democratic year, do I label this as Likely Republican, but very close to Safe.

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