Monday, September 17, 2007

MN-03: Ramstad To Retire

Throws this seat up in the air.

The Minnesota 3rd District is suburban Minneapolis, but entirely within Hennipen County. Bush won the district 51%-48% and the district has a PVI of R +.05, so it's very competitive. Amy Klobuchar won the district in a landslide in last year's Senate race. A Democrat running for President, running even two points ahead of Kerry, would likely carry this district. Even Hillary Clinton is up by double digits in Minnesota.

MN Publius has some names of potential Democrats and Republicans who may run for the seat.

Republicans only hold three seats in the Minnesota delegation, all of them in the Twin Cities' suburbs, Ramstad's, John Kline's seat in the southern part of the Metro area, and, of course crazzy Christian Michele Bachmann's seat centered around St. Cloud and Anouka.

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