Saturday, September 8, 2007

NE-Sen: Hagel Out

The face of the GOP anti-war movement is not running for reelection next year. Senator Chuck Hagel (R-Nebraska), who is already facing a strong primary challenge by the state's young and conservative Attorney General Jon Bruning, has decided not to stand for a third term.

Despite Nebraska's conservative leanings, an open seat is good news to Democrats, who from 1989-1997 held both Senate seats and currently still holds the other one. Democrats are banking on former Senator Bob Kerrey, who retired in 2001, or Omaha Mayor Mike Fahey. Republican candidates may include Bruning, former Congressman Hal Daub, or current Secretary of Agriculture and former Governor Mike Johanns.

Nebraska is not a state where the Republicans wante to see a competitive race. Slight Lean Republican. Only Johanns can win this for them.

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