Thursday, September 13, 2007

Who's Really Surprised By This?

I don't buy it

The 30,000 troops are coming home because they have to come home. It's normal troop rotation and there's no one to send in their place.

The surge is ending because it has to end. We all knew that months ago, so is anyone really buying this crap that success is imminent?

We're hearing all these stories about Iraqis who are siding with us and going after Al-Qaeda...and then what happens after the fact? Does anyone really believe they're going to be pro-Western Jeffersonian Democracy loving people? Of course not. I don't trust them, I have no reason to.

If you ask me, we'll be in Iraq at least until 2009. With a Republican elected next year, it'll be at least until 2013. We'll be there as long as we have a President who wants to keep us'll never end. Iraq is to the United States what Algeria was to France and Afghanistan was to the Soviet Union, a big mistake that our pride won't let us admit is a mistake. This will drain our resources and our standing and leave us a third or fourth rate power instead of the superpower we one was. This war will put an end to our superpower status, if it hasn't already. It won't destroy it, but it'll come close.

Do you really think the Iraqis are going to take security into their own hands anytime soon when our committment is open-ended? They have the best military in the world defending them for as long as they want, do you really think they're going to hurry?

I don't buy it. It's sad what this has done to our country. It's sad we allowed this to happen. I hope that we have learned our lesson. I hope that we think twice, three times even, before we enter another unprovoked war.

I know what my opponents are going to say...that I only want America to loose. I don't respond to them. Seriously, I can't get anything in America, I wouldn't be able to get in any other westernized country. If I seriously wanted America to loose and hated it like these brain damaged right-wingers think I do, I'd move. I don't. So there.

Wanting America to win doesn't actually make us win.

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