Saturday, October 13, 2007

AL-AK: A Race For A Change

Usually one of the safest Republican seats in the country, a recent poll shows Democratic challenger Ethan Berkowitz leading 17 term Congressman Don Young 51%-45.5%.

Despite representating the entire state of Alaska, where President Bush won 61% of the vote, Young has been awash in scandal and his disapproval is at 50%.

Ethan Berkowitz is not the only challenger to Young, 2006 candidate Diane Benson who won 40%, the highest percentage for a Democratic candidate since 1990, is also running again.

Young is also facing a primary challenger in State Rep. Gabrielle DeVour of Kodiak. DeVour may make this race similiar to the 2006 Gubernatorial race, where Democratic challenger Tony Knowles seemed to be heading for certain victory against unpopular incumbent Republican Governor Frank Murkowski, until Murkowski was defeated by current Governor Sarah Palin in the primary. Although the race was close, Palin pulled out a victory.

This race is going to depend on the Republican Primary. Slight Lean Republican

1 comment:

Ish said...

Hi Nick,

Just a quick correction:

It's Gabrielle LeDoux, (leh-doo) who is challenging Don Young in the primary.

But DeVour is good: As in "LeDoux deVour'ed Young."

Okay, that's a stretch.

She's a former Democrat, who switched to be in the Alaska House majority. A true RINO, which is good for some, but might not play in the parts of Alaska that think Don Young is too liberal (yes, they exist).

Cheers from Kodiak, Alaska.