Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Bush Reminds Us Why We Elected Democrats

I don't understand George W. Bush.

I mean I do, but I don't.

He comes out today to take shots at the unpopular Congress, but did he deliver a death blow, or did he resuscitate life into Congress.

Bush says Congress is wasting it's time investigating his administration. American people overwhelmingly want investigations of his administration, even his own impeachment. The American people are angry at Congress for what they perceive is lack of accountability from the Democratic Congress. If Bush is upset over investigations, then I guess the Democratic Congress is holding him accountable after all.

Bush complains Congress is wasting it's time passing a SCHIP bill he's only going to veto and the House will only fail to override, but, the American people like this bill and want the Democratic Congress to pass it despite what Bush says. If Bush is upset, that means Congress is doing what the people want...forcing him to accept the SCHIP reauthorization.

Simply put, Congress is not unpopular because it hasn't gotten anything done. Congress is unpopular because they're seen as Bush lackeys who fail to end the Iraq war or hold the administration accountable. The President has a 25% approval rating, when he's unhappy with Congress, Congress wins.

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