Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Clinton Dominates In FLOHPA

Hillary Clinton is leading Rudy Giuliani in the ever important FLOHPA states. (FLorida, OHio, PennsylvaniA)

Quinnipiac University polls find Hillary Clinton leads Giuliani in Florida by 3%,; 46%-43%.
Clinton leads Giuliani in Ohio by 6%; 46%-40%
Clinton leads Giuliani in Pennsylvania by 6%; 48%-42%

Most surprising, Hillary Clinton has a deep and solid voting bloc; 74% of her supports in Ohio say they are unlikely or not likely at all to change their minds. That number is 59% in Florida and 56% in Pennsylvania.

What interest me the most in this poll? Giuliani only narrowly beats Obama in Pennsylvania and Florida, is essentially tied with Edwards in Pennsylvana and Florida and loses to everyone in Ohio.

If the FLOPHA goes Democratic next year, the Republicans can't possibly hold the White House.

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