Saturday, October 20, 2007

Defending Stark

I am extremely outraged that Speaker Pelosi has decided to apologize for Pete Stark's remarks yesterday on the House floor.

Did Newt Gingrich apologize when Indiana Republican Dan Burton called President Clinton a "scumbag?"

Did John Boehner apologize when Georgia Republican Lynn Westmorland questioned Arkansas Demcorat Mike Ross' intelligence on the House floor last July?

Who apologizes for Rush Limbaugh attacking soldiers for taking a stand and using the freedom they so bravely fought for? Who apologizes for Ann Coulter calling Jews "imperfect?"

Why is it that the Democrats and liberals have to apologize for being harsh, but Republicans and conservatives get a free ride?

Stark's comments may have been presented better, but I'm not sorry. I've heard dozens of people, even people who supported Bush in the past, say what he said. Our government needs to stop sugarcoating their beliefs and saying what they really feel. Lord knows the right wing has been doing that.

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