Monday, October 1, 2007

Monday Afternoon Amusement

*Fred Thompson in La La Land- The Former Tennessee Senator is appealing to his base by doing what Republicans do best...deny reality.

*Despite the bluntness of John McCain in declaring our nation the United States of Jesus, The Supreme Court isn't touching the issue with a 90-foot pole.

*John Edwards is the only member of his family who doesn't support gay marriage. He's also the only member of his family running for President, so, take his stance with a grain of salt.

*Democratic Presidential candidates are begging for Ted Kennedy's endorsement, because, you know, no one unites the right and the left like Ted Kennedy.

*Am I the only one who realizes Iran is not the pushover third-world tribal country with a 13th century military that Iraq and Afghanistan were?

*If you're a soldier who disagrees with the necon foreign policy laid out by President Bush, you're not a real soldier or a real American. Don't ask just Rush Limbaugh, a Georgia Congressman says so too.

*And just so people will actually come this page, something everyone is interest in; Britney lost her kids to K-Fed. Wall to Wall coverage everywhere but here.

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