Monday, October 29, 2007

Monday Afternoon Amusement

-And just think, one of them will be our president

-The media calls her the Argentine "Hillary," but perhaps Hillary Clinton is the American "Cristina"

-Barack Obama's campaign can't beat them, so they'll join them.

-Those damn criminal-loving, victim-hating liberal hippies at the American Bar Association.

-Tom Tancredo says he's satisfied with the amount of xenophobia he has injected into American society, so he's retiring from Congress.

-Red Sox win the World Series, so you know what that means...break out the riot gear!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

From someone who lives in Ozone Park, you comment on the ABA as a bunch of "criminal-loving, victim-hating liberal hippies" is very unintelligent. The ABA is comprised of lawyers and certifies all of the recognized law schools all over the country. Lawyers, by their nature and profession, are conservatives. If GOPS and democrats, whom are fairly intelligent and work together to create a report, respect it, even if you dont agree with it. To call them "liberal hippies" with absolutely NO indication of that is completely wrong. Completely.