Monday, October 8, 2007

NM-Sen: A Close One

Wilson (R) 33 Richardson (D) 62
Wilson (R) 38 Udall (D) 56
Wilson (R) 48 Chavez (D) 44
Wilson (R) 46 Madrid (D) 45
Pearce (R) 36 Richardson (D) 60
Pearce (R) 56 Chavez (D) 35
Pearce (R) 54 Madrid (D) 38

Interesting that Pearce does better than Wilson statewide, but Udall and Richardson would be the sure wins for this seat.

They also didn't poll Lt. Governor Diane Denish, who is being coerced to run for the seat.

If all things play out the way they're playing out, a Wilson-Madrid race would be the best bet for the Democrats, and that didn't go well last year.

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