Wednesday, October 3, 2007

NM-Sen: Domenici Out

This is about the best news possible right now for the Democrats. Domenici is an institution in New Mexico and the only Republican to win an outright majority statewide this decade. His retirement throws this seat into one of the most competitive races in the nation.

The GOP bench is minimal; with only New Mexico's two GOP Representatives, Heather Wilson and Steve Pearce, being the only formindable candidates. Wilson is marred by her connection to the Prosecutor Firing Scandal and Pearce isn't a major player statewide.

Democrats have a deeper bench including Rep. Tom Udall, Governor Bill Richardson (should he drop out of the Presidential race) former US Attorney John Kelly, Albuquerque Mayor Martin Chavez, former Attorney General Patricia Madrid, and Lt. Governor Diane Denish.

The Democrats have the upper hand, it's their year, all the Democratic Presidential candidates are polling well against the GOP canddiates and they have the better candidates, but because this is one of the top five most political competitive states in the country in my opinion (after Ohio, Iowa, New Hampshire and Virginia) I'd rather this one as a Tossup.

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