Friday, November 16, 2007

Happy Hour

-WE WANT THE DEMOCRATS TO GET THE TROOPS OUT OF IRAQ AND THEY WON'T, but we just don't want them to do it by cutting funding or we'll elect Republicans.

-We like that other anti-gay, anti-choice, anti-freedom of religion uptight guy too, you know, the one who isn't Mormon.

-Move over Red Cross and Red Crescent, here comes Jihad to the Rescue.

-And now everyone can breathe a collective sigh of relief.

-Curtis Silwa wants to run for New York City Public he can fire himself.

-Ahhh, the unintended consequences of the pro-life obsession.

-Perhaps if he had an decency to live by any of them, Rudy Giuliani would know they're actually called Commandments. The sad reality; the group of conservative lawyer lemmings clapped anyway.

-One is a globally respect Nobel Laureate, the other the most unpopular leader in American history...Karma's a bitch ain't it.

-Mr. Big Man Fiscal Conservative and his minions don't want Democrats spending your hard earned taxpayer money...unless they can too.

-Democrats have been insensitive to church doctrine while governing a nation that has separation of church and state. What Scandal! Call the National Enquirer.

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Anonymous said...

PC INFRACTION HAS SERIOUS REPERCUSSIONS IN WASHINGTON. Whoops! Mrs. Myers casts INAPPROPRIATE VOTE for costume at Halloween party and OFFENDS many by her INSENSITIVITY. Her attempts to REACH OUT to the OFFENDED are rejected (not being enough to sooth the horrible pain her vote has caused). Harry Reid, having “serious concerns” (about Mrs. Myers ability to vote appropriately?) will “consult” with fellow lawmakers to determine APPROPRIATE POLITICALLY CORRECT action on how to proceed with voting for confirmation. (A nearby observer was heard to remark “It’s BUSH’S FAULT!”).
Senator McCaskill said he “can forgive anyone who apologizes” but Mrs. Myers’ VOTE for the wrong costume shows “woeful lack of judgment” (Yes Senator, almost on the scale of Pres’ Bill and that little indiscretion in the Oval Office – Bill is still “reaching out” to young ladies, seeking forgiveness I presume).
Will Mrs. Myers complete Sensitivity Training before Harry finds a “serious” course of action? Will Harry vote appropriately? Will Hillary take America in a new direction, and which direction will that be? Will “serious” Democrats gain seats in congress? Can the damage Bush has caused ever be undone? Should the Constitution be rewritten to reflect modern “values”? Anybody smell Rome burning?
Stay tuned for updates as the comedy in Washington continues ….. “Tha-Tha-That’s all folks!”