Wednesday, November 28, 2007

GOP Debate Open Thread

Mike Huckabee stood out like he was standing five feet higher and forward than the rest of the GOP candidates. He seemed less antagonistic than the rest of the religious right candidates. Duncan Hunter's response that the military is a Judeo-Christian institution is just plain insulting to any non-Christian, non-Jewish, and/or liberal thinking soldier, plus I don't think that's what Colin Powell meant, but nice job hiding behind one of the few popular Republicans nowadays. I would normally say he should apologize, but there is too much calling for politicians to apologize. Politicians need to stand by their comments and people need to either not vote for them or deal with it. Mitt Romney's response to the question was even more stupid.

The two candidates who stood out were Huckabee and McCain who seemed to reclaim his maverick streak when talking about torture and the fair tax.

The one thing that surprised me was the audience's response to the retired gay general; the booing. It's embarassing. It reminded me a little of the 2002 Georgia Senate race, when instead of respectfully disagreeing with a man who lost half his body in Vietnam, they labelled him a traitor and dragged him through the mud. That seems to be the GOP way nowadays, standing behind the soliders when it's convienent, but if they disagree with us, throw them off a cliff.


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