Friday, November 30, 2007

Happy Hour

-So a Jew and a Black man walk into a restuarant...

-This wouldn't have happened if they would've just called AT&T.

-Pelosi and Murtha are having a little bit of a tiff

-um, Bill O'Reilly, when we say illegal alien, that is not what we mean.

-Condi Rice decided the Middle East was too daunting, so she was gonna start cleaning up a smaller Africa

-At Christmas, little brats cry, scream, and pout until they get what they want.

-To appease fiscal conservatives, the government has decided terrorism has been defeated.

-The United States, the strongest, most powerful country on the planet, got double teamed by Israel and Venezuela in the same day.

-We spent all this money with which I could've purchased a Hummer or an overpriced pair of jeans, so either die or get cured dammit!

-The Republican who ousted Tom Daschle is not about to get involved in THIS mess.

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