Monday, November 12, 2007

Monday Afternoon Amusement

-Ok, now everyone in Georgia can stop worrying, the Governor is praying, that should solve everything.

-The Pope is coming to America to stop priests from touching little children...and say a mass or two.

-Conservatives like Fox News, country music and movies where things blow up, Liberals like everything else.

-Max out your credit card at the Woodfield Mall or Sherman Oaks Galleria, put yourself into thousands of dollars in debt, or the terrorists win.

-McCain's mom tells us Mormons bribe people, even know the Mayor of Salt Lake City who was accused of doing it, was a Catholic.

-I'm the King of Spain BITCH! Don't make us colonize your sorry ass again!

-Gordon Brown, haven't you learned from your predecessor, the British Prime Minister is supposed to obey his lord and master in Washington, D.C. C'Mon, man, even the French are taking orders from us now.

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