Sunday, November 4, 2007

Thompson Supports Federalism

Thompson's endorsement of federalism on Meet the Press today is the path the Republicans need to take if they want votes from people like me.

They love to use the Bible to defend their anti-choice, anti-gay positions, but Thompson shows why Republicans should really be opposed to Roe vs. Wade, because it trumps federalism.

Thompson supports states deciding on gay marriage and abortion, and so do I. I'm pro-choice and strongly pro-gay marriage, but I think this fight should be taken to the states.

I endorse a country where all 50 states legalize abortion and gay marriage, but through state jurisdictions and not federal jurisdictions. What isn't implied or stated in the Constitution is left up to the states. That's why if we lived in the 1950's, I'd probably be a conservative Republican.

Thompson has quickly jumped into the front as being my favorite Republican. I'm still going to probably vote Democratic next year, but I feel comfortable with someone like Thompson.

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