Wednesday, December 5, 2007

The Boy Who Cried Weapons Of Mass Destruction

They charge that liberals and the left are flip-floppers who change their views on an issue based on what's popular. Well, sometimes they do, but sometimes changing your views is warranted when it turns out you were wrong all along.
Today we learned that Iran perhaps isn't as great a threat as the President had let us to believe. Are we supposed to be shocked? He insists they're still dangerous and still wants nukes, but his insinuations are just plain assumptions at this point. It is dangerous and counterproductive to make allegations based on assumptions. It destroys our credibility as a nation, not that we have any credibility anymore. We were wrong on Iraq, we were wrong on Iran. We are 0 and 2 in that region as of now.

Only six weeks ago, this President was invoking World War III, all the while his administration, and perhaps even the President himself. knew there was no immediate risk from that country. Europe, Russia and China aren't excited at all about pressuring an important oil producing country. They will be less so now it appears there is no immediate risk from Iran.

President Bush convinced us Iraq was an immediate threat. We went to war, a war we can't end, and we found out, everything was true. If not a liar, the President and his administration were incompetent and wrong. This is not the type of thing where an hypothesis is ok. We cannot run around being bellicose and threatening war because we have a hunch. The world is not going to stand besides a government that keeps overstating threats and is consistently wrong. How are we to be trusted? What happens when we're actually right? Will our allies around the world trust our judgment?

President Bush stands in front of the world today as the Boy who cried Weapons of Mass Destruction.

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