Friday, December 7, 2007

Happy Hour

Turns out the Page program is like any other high school in the United States.

"Nobody gets anything until the we make the Democrats look as bad as we possibly can"

The President not a criminal, just dangerously incompetent.

George W. Bush and Kim Jong Il, BFF!

Dana Perino gets thousands of dollars in taxpayer money to tell the nation daily that she doesn't know a damn thing about anytihng.

Barack who? I just want to see Oprah, she's my girl!

Bush seeks tax cuts for fives, tens of people...otherwise, all of you are getting taxed like you've never been taxed before.

It's not a problem that needs immediate attention until a couple hundred people die.

Dick Cheney is a jerk, Speaker Pelosi seems surprised.

Eliot Spitzer is giving everyone high-speed internet access...that should make everyone forget about the whole giving driver's licenses to illegal immigrants thing.

Mitt Romney won't take orders from the Mormom church, but he'll gladly take orders from any other church that will vote for him!

Our next V$CE PRE$IDENT must be loaded!

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