Wednesday, July 18, 2007

All Night Session...John Thune (R-South Dakota)

Senator John Thune (R-South Dakota)

Thune, formerly the lone Congressman from South Dakota, narrowly lost to Senator Tim Johnson (D-South Dakota) in 2002 and ousted Democratic floor leader Tom Daschle in 2004.

Thune: We should just pass the defense bill, no questions asked, no debate, just do it cause that's what it's about.

Why is Afghanistan a good war and Iraq a bad war...less casualties?

No attacks since 9/11

Surge just started, give it time

A Senior Democratic Aide on Fox News? You mean a Democrat who switched parties and just hasn't announced it?

Do you want to loose seats? No? Well then that's what the Democrats are saying. Your jobs are on the line. If you don't care, ok fine, but you're loosing your seats. Watch Stephanie, Senator Thune, she's coming after you.

Enter John McCain for a colloquy. McCain/Thune 2008.

Enter Jim Webb with a question.

Oh Senator Thune, don't you know, our military is NOT free to express their true opinions

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