Wednesday, July 18, 2007

All Night Session...Tom Harkin (D-Iowa)

Senator Tom Harkin (D-Iowa)

Harkin is a liberal lion and pro on the Senate floor. In office since his election in 1984, Harkin ran for President and won the Iowa Caucus in 1992. He has never won reelection by very wide margins, but remains popular in his home state and remains a blatant critic of the Bush Administration and the Iraq war.

Moral Obligation? "What moral obligation did we have in the 1980's when Donald Rumsfeld visited Saddam Hussein?" Sold weapons to Iran.

The doomsday scenario concerning Vietnam never panned out, so is Iraq's doomsday scenario just over dramatized.

The Let Us Vote banner comes out again

Republicans can certaintly support the President, but they don't have a right to obstruct the majority opinion.

"Just like Vietnam"

"Patience is not a virtue in a manifestly failed policy."

President will cherrypick September report from Petraeus to justify staying the course longer and longer and longer. He'll want more troops.

See, there are military families who oppose this war...and from heavily Republican Council Bluffs of all places.

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