Saturday, July 28, 2007

Democrats Do Something

And gloat about it.

Congress overwhelmingly passed a bill implementing the 9/11 Commission recommendations; a homeland security cornacopia that shifts money to high risks cities and states, expands screening of cargo at air and sea terminals, and puts money into a new program to ensure that security officials at every level can communicate with each other.

After six months in office and a minimum wage incrase, the Democrats can finally celebrate that they've done...something.

“We will have done in six months what previous Congresses failed to do for almost six years,” said Speaker Nancy Pelosi

Still, Republicans complain this, the second success of the Democratic Congress shows the 110th Congress is just as useless as the 109th.

See, now here's the test;

Important Bills Passed By The 110th Congress;
-Raise in the minimum wage
-Implement the Recommendations of the 9/11 Commissions

Important Bills Passed By The 109th Congress;

Yeah, exactly.

For a Congress with a President from the other side of the political spectrum, not bad...if only they'd get our troops out of Iraq.

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