Friday, July 27, 2007

IL-18: LaHood To Retire

After serving 14 years in Congress, Ray LaHood, the popular Illinois Republican whom during the GOP majority presided over more debates than anyone else, is retiring.

LaHood is known for his civility and lack of partisan candor. He very often criticised his own party. LaHood is also a moderate.

He was elected in the Republican landslide of 1994, and took the open seat of former House Minority Leader Bob Michel who very likely would have been Speaker of the House had he held on a little longer. His district includes Peoria and most of Springfield in Central Illinois. LaHood was considered a Gubernatorial candidate against Rod Blagojevich last year, but decided against it.

Is his distict in play? Probably not. President Bush won this district comfortably in 2004 and Republican candidate for Governor Judy Baar Topinka won it last year. Still, if Melissa Bean can win the 8th district, a Democrat can win this one.

Interesting fact...LaHood's district is more Republican than the 14th district, represented by former Speaker Dennis Hastert

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