Monday, November 19, 2007

FDNY Slams Giuliani

"Giuliani is running on 9/11 and portraying himself as a hero. It's disgusting. It's horrible," FDNY Deputy Fire Chief Jim Riches said, "This guy will do anything to get elected. He's misleading voters and distorting the truth. He didn't prepare the first responders for a terrorist attack. The Office of Emergency Management was a joke that day. There was a lack of communication. People died unnecessarily."

The Firefighters are probably the most beloved and respected people in New York City. Granted this was one guy saying this, but it was a big guy. If he doesn't have firefighters behind him, his 9/11 card gets thrown out.

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andrew said...

well i dont know what to say tto that effect- but i know if you were that mayor you would probably have done the same thing-lol

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