Monday, November 19, 2007

Open House Seats


Colorado-2 (Udall)
Maine-1 (Allen)
New Mexico-3 (Udall)
New York-21 (McNulty)

Alabama-2 (Everett)
Arizona-1 (Renzi)
California-52 (Hunter)
Illinois-11 (Weller)
Illinois-14 (Hastert)*
Illinois-18 (LaHood)
Minnesota-3 (Ramstad)
Mississippi-3 (Pickering)
New Jersey-3 (Saxton)
New Jersey-7 (Ferguson)
New Mexico-1 (Wilson)
New Mexico-3 (Pearce)
Ohio-15 (Pryce)
Ohio-16 (Regula)
Wyoming-AL (Cubin)

No wonder the GOPers are backing Bush, they are so many lame ducks.

*-Hastert has hinted that he may resign before his term is up triggering a special election

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